Laser Vision Correction

Heights EyeCare is happy to be able to provide this exciting technology to our patients.  Laser Vision Correction has become a very popular procedure for those who would like to decrease their dependency on glasses or contacts.  The doctors at Heights EyeCare are certified to provide pre and post-operative vision correction care.

laser vision correctionWe have counseled thousands of patients regarding laser vision correction.  We have recently purchased two instruments, a Pachymeter and Topographer, that allow us to completely evaluate a potential laser vision candidate.  Heights Eyecare is one of the only practices in the area with this advanced technology.

The Pachymeter is an instrument that measures the thickness of the front part of the eye or the cornea.  This is very important to refractive laser patients because the laser removes a small amount of tissue from the cornea.  A patient must have enough corneal tissue (thickness) to ensure that the cornea is healthy after the laser procedure.

The Topographer maps the curvature of the cornea.  This allows us to determine the amount of astigmatism as well as detect certain diseases that may eliminate a potential candidate.

Our doctors have worked with several laser centers both locally and internationally.  Not all centers or surgeons are the same.  We have taken the time to research individual doctors in different centers and will be able to counsel you as to which surgeon and/or center will best fit YOUR individual needs.  We would be happy to schedule you for a FREE laser consultation or just answer any questions you may have.

An advanced type of LASIK called Custom LASIK is now available at many laser centers. We now have the ability to measure small imperfections or aberrations in your visual system. Aberrations are responsible for glare and in some cases less than perfect vision. Custom LASIK takes these readings and creates a customized map that directs the laser to treat the aberrations in the visual system. This can give patients a better visual outcome by further reducing glare, and an increased chance of achieving 20/20 or better. In fact, with regular LASIK, 80% of patients achieve 20/20 at one year compared to 98% of Custom LASIK patients. Only 15% of patients need Custom LASIK, however, most can benefit from a Custom Procedure. To find out if Custom LASIK is right for you contact the doctors at Heights Eyecare for a consultation.