Optomap Digital Retinal Imaging

An Optomap Digital Retinal Imaging
An Optomap Image of the Retina

The Optomap retinal imaging exam takes a high resolution, 200 degree wide, color digital image of the retina, which can be immediately evaluated by our doctors. The Optomap is a scanning laser ophthalmoscope that allows the doctors to view different layers of the retina. Images can be enlarged and are stored on the hard drive, which allows the doctors to monitor and measure any retinal changes from visit to visit. Keep in mind:

  • More than 1.1 million Americans are legally blind. An additional 50,000 people lose their sight each year, yet nearly 1/2 of all blindness can be prevented.
  • Blindness is the #1 complication of diabetic patients. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of new cases of blindness.
  • People over the age of 65 have a 30% chance of developing age-related macular degeneration, which gradually destroys sharp, central vision.

The Optomap retinal exam is revolutionizing how eye exams are performed. There is no pupil dilation, no eye drops, no blurred vision, or sensitivity to light. The Optomap is a simple, quick and comfortable way to maintain optimum eye health. The doctors at Heights Eyecare recommend all of their patients have this exam. Don’t you and your family deserve the best eyecare available?