Is Your Teen Ready For Contacts?

Do you have a teenager at home who suddenly “rebelled” against wearing his or her glasses?  Maybe it’s time to consider contact lenses for your young teen.

If you think about it, contact lenses make sense for teenagers.  Consider this:  if your child has become uncomfortable with glasses, he or she is going to be constantly removing them for school, family photographs, social events, etc.

The simple fact is:  teens who don’t like their glasses often go without them, and wearing glasses “part time” can cause problems such as eye strain, squinting, and headaches.  And if your child is not wearing glasses at school, academic performance may be affected.

Contact lenses can help build confidence and self-esteem

When teenagers are comfortable with the way they look, and feel good about their performance in school and after school activities, it will show in every aspect of their lives.

Glasses can sometimes get in the way of a teenager’s active lifestyle.  Sports, cheerleading, dance….these are all activities which can be more difficult with the burden of glasses.  Contact lenses, on the other hand, make it easier, and since they’re more likely to be worn full-time, contact lenses are less likely to get lost, broken or forgotten.

For all these reasons and more, contact lenses may be the best choice for your teenager.  Call or stop by the office and have your teen fitted for contact lenses.  Our doctors will fit and prescribe lenses that will best fit your teen’s lifestyle needs.  Our wide selection of contact lenses enables most of our patients to leave our office with contacts the same day.  And remember all of our contacts are backed by our guaranteed success program.