Visual Field Testing

Heights EyeCare is dedicated to ocular disease diagnosis and management. The Humphrey Field Analyzer with its advanced software enables the doctors to diagnose diseases resulting in field loss. This visual field testing will be another valuable tool to aid us in intervening as early as possible with a treatment to prevent further vision loss as a result of glaucoma.

The Humphrey Field Analyzer II is the recognized standard of care for early diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases resulting in visual field loss, including glaucoma.

New Corneal Measurement Technology

We now have the most advanced corneal mapping technology. Computerized corneal topography is a three dimensional imaging process used to map the surface power of the cornea. The data points gathered are then digitized and analyzed by sophisticated computer software. The result is a detailed map of the corneal curvature much like a topographical map of land.

With this information the doctor is able to design soft and gas permeable contact lenses with curvature changes every 10 microns creating the ultimate custom lens. This results in a more comfortable contact lens and better vision. In addition, data gathered from topography can be used in the diagnosis and management of corneal disease and curvature abnormalities.

Also, this instrument is essential for determining if a patient is a candidate for refractive surgery, in addition to managing their pre-operative and post-operative care.


Marco TRS 5100 Refracting System

visual testing rt5100

The TRS (Total Refracting System) by Marco allows the doctor to measure your glasses prescription more accurately. Compared to the traditional “which is better one or two?”, it is faster and a more patient friendly method of performing eye exams. With a press of a single button, an old prescription can be compared to a new one. This is also helpful as we design prescriptions for computer work.


I-Care Tonometer

visual testing icareUsing no drops, no dyes, and no puff of air, we have added new technology that helps us screen for glaucoma. Using rebound technology, the I-Care is accurate and comfortable, and gives the doctor valuable information.


Cirrus-HD OCT

visual testing cirrus

As part of our commitment to provide the latest technology to our patients, we have added the Cirrus-HD OCT by Zeiss Meditec. The OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) captures a high resolution image of the retina. We are able to see the individual cell layers that make up the retina. This is helpful in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating patients with glaucoma, diabetes, and age-related macula disease.

With new progression analysis software, we are able to compare images from one visit to the next, to determine if there have been statistically significant changes. This allows for earlier diagnosis of retinal diseases and better management over time.