At Heights Eyecare we are committed to providing the best products available with uncompromised service. We recently upgraded our in-house lens edging equipment to the state of the art Santinelli Lex 1000 Edger. This Edger is engineered with the most advanced technology available on the market. Its unique functions enable our frame and lens specialists to confidently handle even the most challenging jobs in-house.

Our on-site optical lab stocks a large array of lens prescriptions and materials.

High wrap frames have always been a challenge to create a lens that fits properly into the frame. The LEX Edger makes high wrap frames and sunglasses a snap. The 3-D tracing technology and superior groove quality provides “pin-point” accuracy on high wrap frames. The LEX Edger’s advanced features top the industry in quality. You can be assured that your lenses will be correct and look great!