At Heights Eyecare we strive to meet all of your eye vision care needs. There are many reasons why you may want to wear contact lenses versus standard eyewear: A new glasses free look, wearing non-prescription sunglasses or goggles, hassle-free correction of your vision, achieving in some cases better vision than with your glasses. Our doctors will assess your lifestyle needs both at work and at play and recommend the lenses that will work best for your activities.

It is important to remember that contact lenses are prescription medical devices. The selection of your contact lens is based on your vision problems, prescription, eye health, comfort requirement, lifestyle, age and physiological factors like tear flow. Our doctors will ensure that you are in the proper lens for your health and vision needs.

Heights Eyecare offers the latest technology and new designs in contact lenses. For those patients who have a high prescription, astigmatism, dry eyes or are in need of bifocal lenses, we offer several different soft contact lens designs to fit your needs. If you want to change your eye color we have enhancing designs to give you the look you want.

For those patients who have experienced corneal transplants, corneal scarring, and severe dry eyes there are several great new contact lens designs that can improve your comfort and vision. Heights Eyecare has doctors who specialize in hard to fit contacts such as ridged gas permeable, Synergeyes hybrids and scleral lenses.

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